Frequently Asked Questions

Based on 3E Production Cars with controlled components and limited modifications. We run on Nankang AR1s, 18” Speedy Wheels, require the use of the stock ECU and an intake system with a K&N air filter.  Any changes to the regulations will be subject to review and approval by the racing membership. 
Completely.  It will be totally competitive at zero cost too.  Both series are based on Australian 3E Production Car regulations with the only minor changes for Formula RX8 reliability. 
Absolutely not.  The Mazda Racing Association of Australia, organisers of Formula RX8 is a not-for-profit Association.  Any profit on entry fees and memberships is fed back to the competitors. 
We have an interim committee in place for the initial period.  These roles are voluntary with people looking to give something back to the sport they love.  We will be holding elections for all the committee roles in 2024.  The MRAA is not a business, it’s for you – the competitor. 
No.  As a not-for-profit organisation while there are RX8 components common to racing series, we provide freedom to source.  If your tyre supplier can find you the Nankang AR1 Tyres at a great price, get them.  We can provide instructions as to where to source this equipment, but ultimately the competitor can choose where to buy it from. 
You speak to John Boston at TrackSchool and tell him we sent you.  He will provide you a $499 package to take you from zero to hero. 
You speak to one of our lease car operators who can get you into one of theirs, or we can guide you to the cars currently for sale. 
We operate an open book policy.  Ryan Gorton is our Competitor Technical Advisor and will freely share with you the setups the leading cars have had at each circuit.  There’s nothing holding you back except your right foot. 
You speak to Steve McLaine at Mclaine Motorsport.  He will provide Formula RX8 packages covering set up through to pre-race checks and reports.
Some people like the road trips, but others firmly do not.  We know this so are providing group car transportation options for competitors.   All you need to do is get your car to the collection point, then drive, car share or fly to the destination where it will be in your pit garage waiting.  Our sponsorship money is being used to offset the costs of transport and travel and to make this as easy as possible.